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Tesofensine Capsules

Tesofensine has been studied for many years due to its weight-loss capabilities, with very little reported side-effects. Research has also identified it has the potential to improve glycaemic control, cognition, memory and also could help with pain management.

Each Capsules pot comes with 60 capsules. 500mcg per capsule.


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Tesofensine Capsules 500mcg

Each Capsules pot comes with 60 capsules. 500mcg per capsule.

Tesofensine is a novel inhibitor of serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine reuptake. Tesofensine improves BDNF expression patterns and promotes neurogenesis in the amygdala by elevating the amounts of all three neurotransmitters. According to studies, Tesofensine capsules are at least twice as effective as any other weight loss medication, with far fewer (and far less severe) side effects. While research to bring Tesofensine capsules to market as an anti-obesity medicine is ongoing, more research is being conducted to determine how this chemical influences hunger and satiety to induce weight loss.

Tesofensine can improve glycemic control in rats in a dose-dependent manner, according to research. Tesofensine significantly reduces the insulin response in basic glucose tolerance tests. This means that in response to a sugar load, less insulin is produced. Chronic inflammation has been linked to insulin resistance, diabetes, heart disease, and even neurodegenerative disorders. Teofensine helps to shift the metabolism’s equilibrium and gives the body a fighting chance against obesity by disrupting this cycle of fat deposition and inflammation.

Tesofensine has been shown to increase BDNF levels and stimulate neurogenesis in the hippocampus, implying that it has antidepressant properties. However, this has not been the primary focus of research because the compound was initially developed for its dopaminergic properties before anti-obesity properties were discovered. Having said that, Tesofensine capsules are a unique alternative to anti-obesity and antidepressant applications due to its properties spanning both sectors.

Benefits of Tesofensine Capsules :

According to research Tesofensine capsules could have the following benefits:

  • Rapid weight-loss
  • Increased energy levels
  • Improved gylcemic control in test subjects
  • Potential to improve cognition and memory
  • Could help with pain management
  • Anti-depressant properties




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