Cuddle Well Wellbeing Nasal Spray


Cuddle Well Wellbeing Nasal Spray


Oxytocin has been suggested to play a role in social behavior such as trust, sexual arousal, mother-infant bonding, and recognition. This is why oxytocin got the moniker “cuddle chemical” and “love hormone.”

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25ml contains 5mg Oxytocin Peptide



Cuddle Wellbeing Nasal Spray Oxytocin

Oxytocin Nasal Spray acts as a chemical messenger that helps the brain control essential functions of the reproductive system such as lactation and childbirth. The posterior pituitary gland secretes this hormone into the bloodstream.

The main actions of oxytocin are promoting lactation and contraction of the womb during childbirth. This peptide is prepared synthetically to prevent contamination with small polypeptides and vasopressin. It is quickly metabolized in the plasma and liver through oxytocinases. Oxy is also slightly metabolized by the mammary glands.

How Oxytocin is Controlled

A positive feedback system controls this hormone. For instance, when the uterus contracts, oxytocin is released. This stimulates more contractions, and as a result, more oxytocin is released. Contractions increase in frequency and intensity. The same thing happens when you’re breastfeeding. When your baby sucks at your breast, the stimulation causes oxytocin to be released into the blood. Milk is then let down into the breasts.

Oxytocin is released into the brain to stimulate further secretion of this hormone. The production of oxytocin is stopped after you give birth or when your child stops feeding. Low oxy levels in nursing mothers prevent milk-ejection reflex, and when this happens, you won’t be able to breastfeed.

Oxytocin has been linked to autistic spectrum disorders and autism. These disorders cause poor social functioning. Low levels of oxytocin have been associated with depressive symptoms as well. Oxy has been recommended as a treatment for these disorders, but there’s not enough evidence at the moment to support the use of this hormone for these conditions.

Benefits of Oxytocin Peptide Nasal Spray

  • Stimulates contraction of uterine muscles and boosts production of prostaglandins. These actions increase contractions further. Manufactured oxytocin can be administered to induce labour or to increase contractions to support childbirth. It’s also often administered to speed up placenta delivery and to reduce the possibility of heavy bleeding.
  • Stimulates lactation by promoting the movement of milk in the breasts.
  • Men can also benefit, it stimulates testosterone production and sperm movement.
  • It has been suggested to play a role in social behaviours such as trust, sexual arousal, mother-infant bonding, and recognition. This is why oxytocin got the moniker “cuddle chemical” and “love hormone.”
  • Its also used for evaluating the fetal respiratory capability and postpartum abbreviation of the 3rd stage of labour.


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