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Selank Nasal Spray

Selank nasal spray is a nootropic peptide with anti-anxiety effects. It’s a heptapeptide that has a wide range of uses and applications. Selank is closely related to Semax, a prescription peptide that is approved for human consumption.

15ml Nasal Spray contains 5mg

30ml Nasal Spray contains 10mg


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Selank Nasal Spray

Selank nasal spray is a nootropic peptide with anti-anxiety effects. It’s a heptapeptide that has a wide range of uses and applications. Many researchers and user reports indicate that Selank is more effective than Semax. Selank is also a Tuftsin analogue. Analog is a spleen-produced peptide that can change and improve the immune system.

How Selank Nasal Spray Works

Selank is among the newer nootropic peptides released in recent years and knowing how it works can help you decide whether you should use it or not. Nootropics are known for promoting brain health and communication, supporting memory, cognition, and reasoning as well as boosting mental clarity, attention, and focus.

Selank helps release endorphins into the system. This peptide influences the release of dopamine, a powerful neurotransmitter.

Research has suggested it also aids in increasing serotonin production, another neurotransmitter, which helps in regulating appetite, mood, and sleep-wake phases. Deficiencies in serotonin and dopamine can lead to lack of appetite, difficulty sleeping, and depression.

Selank imitates the effects of Tuftsin. Studies have demonstrated it helps in maintaining proper T helper cell balance and modulating Interleukin-6 expression. Selank nasal spray might also alter the expression of BDNF (Brain-Derived Neurotropic Factor).

Benefits of Selank Nasal Spray

  • Improves mood – Selank helps improve and stabilize mood, which can lead to feelings of contentment. One of the best things about this peptide is that it’s not sedating. It is calming, and most users report overall improved cognition function and better mental clarity after taking Selank.
  • Helps people with anhedonia – Selank may help those who are suffering from anhedonia, a condition in which a person is not capable of experiencing pleasure. Anhedonia often occurs due to the use of opioids, such as amphetamines that affect the pleasure centre of the brain. Selank helps restore the proper functioning of this part of the brain. However, this peptide should only be considered as a part of a comprehensive treatment plan.
  • Reduces anxiety – Selank helps reduce the anxiety of various forms like social anxiety disorder, panic disorder, and generalized anxiety disorder.
  • Improves focus and concentration – This peptide helps improve one’s ability when it comes to concentration and focus. It also reduces mental fatigue, boosts mental sharpness, and enhances learning capacity and memory. Selank can help boost cognitive functioning when you lack sleep.


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