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IGF-1 DES Peptide Vial

IGF-1 DES peptide vial is a splice variant of IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor). Because it is abundant in the brain, tissue cells in the uterus, and human milk, IGF-1 DES is a potent stimulator of several cell types’ growth and proliferation. The improved bioavailability of this variant of IGF-1 has been found to make it more powerful than the conventional IGF-1. Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), several neurological diseases, and autism are now being studied by researchers using IGF-1 DES as a therapy method. In addition to promoting muscle and connective tissue healing, research reveals that it enhances the quality of connections between neurons in the central nervous system.


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IGF-1 DES Peptide Vial

IGF-1 DES peptide vial   is a peptide which stimulates the body to produce more natural growth hormones and helps individuals reach their goals. Growth Hormones or GH are produced in the pituitary gland that at times fail or produce hormones in lower quantities according to studies.

Research suggests this peptide increases natural GH releasing hormones that eventually lead to a high level of GH secretion.

What Does IGF-1 DES Do?

According to research this peptide creates hyperplasia, a process responsible for regulating cell growth. The needs for increased cells result from the following cases:

Response into Chronic Inflammation: the cells multiply to assist the body in reducing inflammation

Response into Hormonal Dysfunction:  the cells multiply to combat conditions that could result in improper function of the endocrine system

Compensate for the Cellular Loss: the cells multiply to replace the lost cells because of disease and damage

Compensate for the Skin Loss: the cells multiply so that it  could create the newest layer of skin

Benefits of IGF-1 DES Peptide Vial

IGF-1 DES is associated with positive benefits, which include but not limited to, the following:

Studies have shown increased muscle repair rate because of the proliferation of cells required to repair muscle tissues as well as increased muscular growth.

Research also demonstrated improved ability to recover from injuries using promoting better cell growth that helps in healing

The reduced ageing process by slowing down the natural dilapidation of muscle fibres which are responsible for elasticity and flexibility of muscles and skin.

The benefits of IGF-1 DES peptide vial are one of the many good reasons why many individuals choose and trust this peptide for its intended purpose. To learn more about IGF-1 DES, you could research online to get yourself more familiar with this and all the benefits it offers.

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